Cornerstones of Managerial Accounting

Cornerstones of Managerial Accounting

ISBN: 0538473460

ISBN 13: 9780538473460

Publication Date: January 19, 2011

Publisher: South Western Educational Publishing

Pages: 733

Format: Hardcover

Authors: Maryanne M. Mowen, Don R. Hansen, Dan L. Heitger

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Get your students where they need to be with CORNERSTONES OF MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING. Cornerstones is the only text that delivers a truly unique learning system that is integrated through the entire introductory managerial accounting journey--ensuring they will leave the course with the needed elements to be future business leaders. Students are guided through: Building A Strong Foundation: Students learn the basic accounting concepts through clear and consistently-formatted Cornerstones Examples and Exercises. Understanding Relationships: Students see the relationships between the numbers & concepts and how variables impact each other. Seeing Real-World Connections: Student understanding is brought full circle as they see how these concepts are applied in real world situations. Making Decisions: Students practice actually making decisions based on the information they have now gathered and analyzed. Students love this approach because it presents materials the way they learn and professors love it because it gets students to master the foundations more quickly and allows more time to learn and apply the analysis and decision making of accounting. Get There with Cornerstones!

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